Episode 010: Building Bridges – Arrey Obenson’s Journey from Cameroon to Global Impact

In this episode of “Immigreats,”host, Munatsi interviews Arrey Obenson, a transformative leader whose journey from a lawyer in Cameroon to a global community leader in the United States epitomizes impactful change. Arrey’s turning point came with his involvement in Junior Chamber International, where he significantly improved healthcare access in Cameroon, leading to his leadership roles that expanded JCI’s reach across Africa and globally. As the President and CEO of the International Institute of St. Louis, he champions immigrant and refugee integration, alongside founding “I Am Cameroon” to mobilize national development. Arrey’s innovative and collaborative approach to leadership and community development has earned him international recognition, including the prestigious Great Immigrant, Great American Award, showcasing his dedication to creating sustainable change and empowering communities worldwide. You can catch the full episode on your favorite platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, and much more!

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Munatsi Manyande

Munatsi Manyande was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He first moved to the United States for university. He is an entrepreneur and non-profit executive who lives in Texas with his family.