Episode 007: The Lost Boy Who’s Finding Others: Gatjang Deng

In this episode of “Immigreats,” Gatjang Deng, a survivor and former Lost Boy of Sudan, shares his incredible journey and efforts to aid the youth of his home country. Deng details his escape from war torn South Sudan, years in refugee camps, resettlement in America, and founding the Village Help Foundation. Working tirelessly, he supports 52 Sudanese children in Uganda and hopes to rescue more from border areas. Deng’s personal sacrifice, working non-stop to fund education and care for these children, embodies the profound impact of immigrants who contribute significantly to their communities globally. Catch the full episode on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, and your other favorite platforms!

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Munatsi Manyande

Munatsi Manyande was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He first moved to the United States for university. He is an entrepreneur and non-profit executive who lives in Texas with his family.